Summer Reading

By Sarah Markman

It’s that time of year again… Summer is upon us so give your young people the opportunity to slay dragons, take a fantastical trip to a new world, morph into an animal, solve a peculiar mystery or go back in time… all without leaving home… all through reading books!

With school out for the summer and no assigned reading homework to complete, children may be tempted to forgo books altogether, but they shouldn’t!  Summer reading not only exposes children to new information and ideas, it encourages creative thinking and strengthens the reading comprehension skills they learned during the school year.

The children and teen departments at your local library branches also have books, CD’s and learning games in many areas of interest.  Each branch also has planned activities for children and teens.  It’s also a great time to not only encourage your young people, but also their caregivers to get a library card if they don’t already have one, as having a child read to you, or reading to a child at any time is a valuable educational tool and will help them maintain their learning levels.

Attached is the summer reading lists by age, reading log and story map so students can keep a record of what they are reading.

Please, encourage our children to have fun, have a wonderful summer, and remember to READ!

Summer Reading List

Story Map

Summer Reading Log

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