FSS teens in care made their way to Tallahassee to learn about the legislative process and teach the legislators a thing or two.

During the second week in October, four young women in foster care with FSS made a supervised trip to the Florida State Capitol to witness law-making firsthand.

From touring the hallowed halls of Florida’s capitol buildings to rubbing elbows with elected officials to providing a voice for children in care just like them, these ladies made FSS incredibly proud on this three-day trip.

The first order of business was seeing new representatives sworn in at the Capitol building Tuesday morning, Oct. 10, before heading to the “old Capitol” for a tour. Then they had the opportunity to meet with Rep. Paul Renner and while acknowledging that caseloads for their caseworkers have decreased, they advocated for even lower caseloads. They also spoke with Sen. Aaron Bean’s legal aid.

That evening the young women had an amazing experience with Rep. Tracie Davis, who represents Duval County in the Florida House of Representatives, at a tea party coinciding with the International Day of Girls. They got to chat with her about a range of topics, from football games and high school bands to the FSS Independent Living programs and advocating for lower caseloads for family services counselors.

They capped the trip off with a visit to the Florida Coalition for Children offices.

“What better way to celebrate (International Day of the Girl) than to highlight an amazing group of young ladies from Jacksonville who use their voices to advocate for foster children across Florida through Family Support Services of North Florida, Inc. and Florida Coalition for Children,” said Rep. Davis. “[I] had a great time empowering girls to achieve their dreams and change the world…over tea and fruit tarts.”

Thanks to Rep. Davis, Renner and the office of Sen. Aaron Bean for meeting with our young women as well as Florida Coalition for Children and Jessica McCrickard, FSS placement specialist, who chaperoned the trip.


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