Supporting and preserving families across the First Coast since 2002

Family Support Services of North Floridaย (FSS) is the lead agency for foster care, adoption and family preservation in Duval and Nassau counties. Through community-based care, FSS provides services and programs to help prevent child abuse and neglect, to promote a healthy family environment and to care for our community’s children in foster care.

The non-profit organization was established in 2002 to provide child protective services in Duval Countyย and was expanded to also serve Nassau County in 2007. We are the second largest non-profit in Northeast Florida.

During the redesign of the Florida Child Welfare System, FSS was chosen through a competitive procurement process to be the lead agency for child welfare services in Duval County. Agency operations expanded in 2007 to include Nassau County. FSS manages and contracts services, with oversight by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) by utilizing the expertise of established social service agencies including Children’s Home Society, Jewish Family and Community Services, Daniel Kids and Neighbor to Family.

Because of FSS and our community-based care partners, fewer children are placed in foster care, adoption rates have soared and more families are helped with effective services like counseling on alcohol and drug abuse, anger management, regular training and more.

Our vision is that children grow up connected to their own families, supported by families and protected by the community; that children have the opportunity to achieve in school and to learn to be productive citizens; that citizens of Duval and Nassau counties, organizations and agencies recognize that child protection is a community responsibility and represents the best interests of all county residents.

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